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5 Things You May Not Have Known about DUIs

Driving under the influence is a very serious issue as it puts all people on the road at risk. Because of this, getting caught driving while drunk could come with serious consequences. Below are five facts about DUIs that may surprise you.

They Happen Very Frequently

While most people will go their entire lives without getting a DUI, they do happen very frequently. It is estimated that nearly one in three people in the United States will be involved in an alcohol-related accident in their lifetime and there is at least one DUI-related accident every 40 minutes. Of all car accidents deaths in the United States, at least one-third are related to alcohol abuse and DUIs.

Legal Consequences

Those that do drive under the influence do face significant legal consequences if they are caught. In a situation where a driver is charged with DUI, they will likely face significant financial penalties, loss of driver’s license, and even possible jail time. The level of punishment, particularly when it comes to imprisonment, will be based on whether a driver is a repeat offender and if anyone was injured due to the DUI.

Preventing Is Increasing

While all drivers are responsible for their own vehicles and choices, many states are looking for ways to prevent DUIs from occurring. The rate of breathalyzers placed in cars is increasing, which has helped to reduce the amount of repeat offenders. These court-appointed breathalyzers are normally only put in the vehicles of those that are on probation for a DUI.

Nighttime Is the Most Dangerous Time

When driving, nighttime is by far the most dangerous time when it comes to sharing the road with drunk drivers. It has been estimated that nearly 5% of all drives on the road after 10pm at night are impaired. This compares to just 0.2% during the morning hours. Furthermore, people are almost four times more likely to be involved in an alcohol-related crash at night, despite the fact that there are far less drivers on the road.

Repeat Offenses Are Very Common

One of the most surprising facts about DUIs is that repeat offenses are very common. Despite the fact that the punishments are more significant for repeat offenders, nearly one in three people arrested for DUI are repeat offenders. Furthermore, one in eight drivers involved in alcohol-related fatalities has had a DUI within the past few years.

Driving under the influence is a serious crime and getting caught can come with significant penalties. It’s advised that you contact a DUI attorney like Steve W. Sumner if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, and family issues. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. You can find Dixie on Facebook.

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