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The Five Most Common Injuries from Car Collisions

The damages can vary from minor injuries, to severe injuries, and even as far as death. Even if the injury is minor, the driver will need to file a personal injury suit and find a Miami car accident lawyer unless they want to pay for the medical expenses that a minor injury can bring.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The drivers who are injured need to proceed with the following steps in order to collect what is reasonable and fair:

  1. Look for medical assistance: It is important that the driver get medical care right away, even though the driver may believe that their injuries are not severe. Symptoms may not start to show until some time has elapsed after the accident, this is why it is vital for the driver to immediately get checked out.
  2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures: The driver needs to have proof of the damages and injuries sustained at the time of the collision.
  3. Keep all medical expense documentations: Any treatment, therapy, or doctor expenses should be well-kept.
  4. Finding the correct attorney: One who knows about collision accidents. He or she can lend a hand in determining the quality of the driver’s case.

Cranium and Cerebrum Damage

Cranium and cerebrum injuries are very grave damages and occur when the cranium hits or is hit by something. These injuries are also known as traumatic brain injuries.

Recurrent injuries:

  • Cranium fractures
  • Concussions
  • Bleeding, swelling, and bruising of the cerebrum

Which treatments will be provided for cranium and cerebrum injuries depends on the gravity of the injury.

Neck and Back Damage

Like other injuries, trauma to the neck and back can range in gravity. These damages can occur by jarred movements, striking or being struck by something.

Recurrent injuries:

  • Straining
  • Fractured cervical or vertebrae
  • Whiplash

These damages can cause lifelong disabilities and pain. Treatments will vary with the injury. They can range from pain medication to surgery.

Vertebral Column Damages

Vertebral column injuries, known as spinal cord, can lead to impairments, paralysis, and loss of sensation.

Bruises or rips into the vertebral column are caused by disc fragments, ligaments, or pieces of bone derived from the accident. This destroys nerve cells. These injuries often require rehabilitation, and surgery, which make it amongst the most expensive car collisions to treat.

Facial Damages

Facial injuries can come to the surface from airbags, side windows, windshield, dashboard, broken glass and steering wheel. The injuries can range from minor ones, such as cuts and bruises, to grave ones such as jaw fractures and deep lacerations. The treatment for these types of damages range from first aid bandage to surgery.

Mental Damages

This is a non-physical injury that often causes depression, stress, problems in relationships, anxiety, and others. The collision may have been a trauma to the driver, which can result in a more serious condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Treatment for mental damages vary. Some can be prescribed medication, while others will require surgery. The costs related to each depends on the type of therapist and medication the driver needs.

The drivers involved in the collision can work alongside their professional car collision attorney to assess the value of their damages.

About the author: Percy Martinez is a personal injury lawyer with over 20 years’ experience practicing in the state of Florida. For more information about personal injury visit his personal injury blog.




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