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Protect Your Career: 3 Strategies When Facing Legal Action

A criminal conviction can change a person’s life forever, causing them to lose their job and future employment opportunities as a result. In the American justice system there is an assumption of innocence until proven guilty. However, when you are facing legal action, this assumption of innocence may not seem to hold in the workplace. If you are facing criminal charges, you may find yourself subject to disciplinary action in the workplace, or you may suffer social stigma from having been arrested or needing to take time off for your legal defense. For this reason, it is important to take legal action very seriously and do whatever you can to avoid prosecution when possible. Here are three strategies that you can adopt to produce the best possible outcome when you are facing legal action.

  • Understand Workplace Policy — Just because you are facing legal action, it does not mean that you are guilty of a crime. However, you may be in violation of company policy. It is possible that your company has rules governing personal and ethical conduct that go beyond criminal convictions. Another potential problem is that you may have difficulty getting time off for your legal defense. Your supervisor may not grant your time off request or hold your absences against you, placing you in violation of the company attendance policy. The best way to protect your career with your current company is to first familiarize yourself with company policy and discuss your problems with your attorney. A criminal defense attorney can help you negotiate with your employer to ensure that you get the time off for your legal defense and possibly prevent disciplinary action that could hurt your career in the future.
  • Learn About Your Legal Rights — It is essential for the accused person to realize that they have specific and inalienable rights when they have been charged with a crime. These include the right to legal representation before making any type of statement to the police. The burden of establishing guilt is upon the prosecutor. Until then, no matter what the situation surrounding the arrest happens to be, you are to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. This is why it is so important to say nothing to the police until you have contacted a criminal defense lawyer.
  • Consult A Criminal Defense Attorney — Everyone knows how important it is to hire an experienced lawyer when they are facing legal action, including DWI and other serious criminal charges. But it actually goes beyond merely consulting an attorney. The truth is that you should never even agree to speak to the police until your attorney is present. A professional, like this DWI lawyer in Williamson County TX, is an indispensable part of any criminal defense. Your defense attorney will represent your interests in all hearings involving your case, helping you post bond or make bail. Often, a good criminal defense attorney will be able to negotiate your charges down to misdemeanor defenses, reducing the fines that you will be required to pay and the possible jail time.

If you are facing legal action, including criminal charges for DWI, theft, drug possession, assault or domestic abuse, it may put your career in jeopardy. One of the most common criminal convictions that routinely destroy professional careers is DWI. DWI is a felony, often resulting in a loss of your driver’s license, exorbitant fines and even jail time. But if you are a first time offender, often a skilled legal representative can help you avoid serious penalties that could essentially destroy your career. Remember that the best way to protect your career when you are facing legal action is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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