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4 Ways To Get Your Life On Track After Facing Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges will bring obvious challenges, like time in jail and anxiety over background checks as a precursor to employment. Unpredictable challenges also may arise, like questions from family or potential mates. Mitigate challenges with an offensive, rather than defensive, approach to getting your life on track after criminal charges.

Be Your Own Best Advocate

The United States Constitution and individual state laws guarantee powerful rights to all citizens facing criminal charges. You have rights to attorney representation. If you are unable to afford legal assistance, the state government must provide a lawyer to you. You also have rights to decline to answer questions and to leave interrogations. Once you post bail for allowable criminal charges, you may leave custody as soon as possible.

If any of these rights were violated when you faced criminal charges, you can demand justifiable corrections — including release from all charges and even compensation. If you experienced threats or violence in process of facing criminal charges, you may hold the offending individuals accountable later. Most jurisdictions have special departments to handle citizen complaints, use them.

Expunge All Criminal Records You Can

Bureaucracy and outdated practices plague law enforcement agencies and court systems. These conditions allow many cases to slip through the cracks, including cases where criminal charges proved unfounded or unable to be enforced.

For a fee, you may receive all your records from the local courthouse in the jurisdiction where you faced criminal charges. Insure those records match your case’s actual outcomes. An attorney can help you expunge all inaccurate and expired records to prevent their appearance in background checks.

Use Bail Bondsmen For More Than Bail

Most people know bail bondsmen offer financing to criminally-charged individuals who cannot afford to post bail. However, few know bail bondsmen are astute in state laws and knowledgeable about legal practices. Some, like the professionals at Absolute Bail Bonds, provide referrals to trusted attorneys and other support services.

To get the most from a bail bond service, remain in good standing with on-time repayments. If you cannot afford extended attorney’s fees, ask the bail bond service to help you interface with court personnel and navigate complicated processes.

Be Honest With Future Employers

Criminal charges have happened to the best of people. Whether the result of an unfortunate mistake by others or your own bad decision, you can always bounce back from criminal charges with a new career identity.

Be truthful about all your criminal charges on job applications and other employment forms. Use your attorney, parole officer and probation officers as references for your potential. Once you secure a job, stay a model employee and asset to your employer. A glowing reference will surmount any doubts future employers may have about you.

Criminal charges do not have to destroy your reputation or future. These admirable strategies help you beat challenges after criminal charges and keep your life on track.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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