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Business Legalities: Top Situations in Which Your Company Needs a Lawyer

Understanding when you need to hire an attorney for your small business can be difficult. There are few people in business who truly understand the complexities of the law when it comes to commercial enterprises. Although there are many things you can do on your own without legal advice, such as hiring writing a business plan, there are some situations where hiring an attorney is critical.

Lawsuit Threats

If you are being threatened with a lawsuit, whether it is from employees or customers, you need to hire an attorney immediately. Litigation, even in cases that seem frivolous to you, can become high-stakes trials in a very short time. It could be a prospective or former employee suing on the grounds of discrimination. A customer may have been injured by one of your products or after slipping in one of your stores. No matter what the claim is against your company, you want strong legal advice on how to proceed.

Government Investigations

A notice that your company is being investigated for law violations or tax improprieties is another issue that requires legal advice. When it comes to corporate law, ordinances and codes can be very confusing. If a government entity notifies you that you may have violated one of those ordinances, you need strong legal advice so that you know how to proceed. The same is true if you receive IRS notices that your taxes are incorrect or that you are undergoing an extensive audit. Although you may be able to handle the audit yourself or could turn the matter over to an accountant, legal advice may be warranted if the tax issue could lead to arrest.

Partnership Special Allocations

If you are in a partnership or an LLC, you may want to create special allocations of our profits and losses. You may also want to contribute appreciated property to the partnership or LLC agreement. When either of these situations arises, you will want to refer to an attorney, such as one from Ogborn Mihm, as the process can be confusing and complicated. An attorney can guide you through the process to help you avoid problems in the future. You will also want to hire an attorney if you are negotiating the sale of your company or negotiating the purchase of another company.

Environmental Issues

Today, environmental issues are hot topics in the business world. As more people work to reduce their carbon footprint, they become more aware of potential violations by businesses. This means they are quicker to report what they see as violations to authorities. If this happens to your company, you want to speak to an attorney immediately. Even if your business did not cause the problem or you believe the claims are unfounded, you want to be sure that you are not held accountable. An attorney can advise you the best steps to take.

Owning your own business can be rewarding and profitable, but there are also many legal pitfalls that you will want to avoid. These are just a few of the matters that you will need an attorney to resolve. Even minor issues, like creating contracts

Author Info: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. You can find her on Twitter.

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