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The Right to an Attorney: Why You Need Legal Representation for a DUI

If you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will need to hire an attorney immediately. A conviction for such a charge could result in jail time, a fine and a license suspension or revocation. The potential for negative social and professional consequences increases the need to hire an attorney to defend against the charge.

An Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

In the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean that you have done anything wrong. However, you can expect that the prosecutor in your case is going to do everything in his or her power to obtain a conviction. Having an attorney by your side ensures that the quest to convict is done in accordance with the law.

Your Attorney May Help Cast Doubt Upon the Evidence

Using an attorney from a firm such as the Mesenbourg & Sarratori Law Offices may make it easier to cast doubt upon the evidence used to charge you. For instance, legal counsel may be able to determine that the breath test used to determine that you were impaired was conducted improperly or handled improperly. The same may be true for a blood or urine test that may have been conducted after you were taken to jail.

Legal Counsel May Help Negotiate a Plea Deal

Your attorney may be able to help negotiate a plea deal on your behalf that may reduce or drop some or all charges. Instead of having a DUI on your record, you may have a reckless driving charge instead. This may help you keep your job, make it easier to get into school or preserve relationships with your friends and family.

You Should Never Represent Yourself in Court

As a general rule, it is a bad idea to represent yourself in a court of law. This is because you may not have a firm understanding of the law and the nuance behind it. However, an attorney may be able to use obscure or entirely new legal theories to help you get a favorable result in your case.

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a mistake. The best way to limit the damage caused by that mistake is to hire an attorney who has prior experience trying DUI cases. Doing so may help to protect your rights, which may make it easier to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

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