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Friday Fun — 5 Surprising Things That Can Land You in Court

A lot of people do not realize that municipalities function to bring in money for their municipality, so they tend to nitpick. Some of the nitpicking done is the average kind of things like issuing a speeding ticket for going a couple miles per hour over. Also, there are those statutes that you have never heard of, but they end up making some sense. What this article wants to do is highlight the crazy things that can get you arrested, fined or possibly jailed. After reading this, you will be surprised about the number of things that will officially name you a criminal.

Catching an Out-Of-Season Fish

In Ionia, Michigan, a broke fisherman who was out of work reeled in a type of bass that was untouchable during that time of year. The resident’s name is Kyle Dewitt. He tried to argue his way out of his arrest with the officer, and it did not go well. According to Kyle Dewitt he was told he would be receiving paperwork on how to pay his $115 fine for this off-limit bass. After not hearing from anyone for quite some time, he decided to call and make his own inquiry. Come to find out, he now had a warrant issued for his arrest. Long story short here, an out of work fisherman ended up catching the wrong fish to serve for supper for him and his loved ones, which cost him money, a trip to jail and a criminal record.

Loose Chihuahuas

Mary Root could have never imagined her Chihuahuas could cause so much trouble, but they did. After her tiny dogs escaped a few times she was leveled with $525 fine she was unable to pay, and she could not go to her hearing because of health reasons. The result of all of this saw Mary Root in jail for two days and an amplified fine of $7000.

Naked Selfies

Minors who engage in snapping nudes are technically producing child pornography, according to the laws in some states. Not only will this probably land you behind bars or strict probation, but you will be forced to register as a sex offender. Taking nude photos and sending them via text seems to be on the rise with minors, but it is a very serious thing. Even if the picture is never sent out, but the phone is taken by authorities anyways, a minor can be charged with child pornography. Sending photos or videos of oneself as minor, even if it is to another minor, is distribution of child pornography.

Skipping School

This used to be a thing where it seldom happened and parents and teachers would get involved. Education is important, but is it worth jail time? A man from a small town in Texas received an overreaction from the authorities when the local authorities told him they were going to arrest his grandsons. In Texas, students are not allowed to miss 10 days or more in half a year. Additionally, if a student were to miss only three days in a four-week period, the state of Texas can initiate adult criminal proceedings. Truancy laws are common in the United States, but are even more strictly enforced in Canada, according to criminal defense attorney Matt Gould. The usual judicial punishment consists of several fines. As stated in the introduction, these petty crimes are odd crimes are usually designed to generate revenue.

Peeing in Public

This includes in a dark alley where you think no one will see you. According to Human Rights Watch’s review of sex offender laws, peeing in public in 13 states will get you sent to court and on a sex offender list.

Some of the examples are light subject matter, and one sticks out as being very serious. It was news to this author that a minor could be a registered sex offender simply by taking a naked photo. It is enough to ban phones in the house. There will always be obscure laws used to make a quick buck for the city, but other laws that seem harmless to children need to be hammered into them about how dangerous their activities can be.

Author Information: Rachael Murphey is an entrepreneur and writer on the topics of business, economics, and politics. She has written for Host Review and She currently lives in Denver with her dog Charlie. You can find her on Twitter.

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