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New “Driving While Texting” Law Goes Into Effect Friday in Texas

Just a quick reminder that the new texting law goes into effect September 1 in Texas. Here are some key points: It will be illegal for a driver to send or read text messages while the vehicle is moving. If you are stopped at a light, anything goes. You can use your cell phones for […]

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How to Know if You’re Getting Good Compensation in Your Case

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, ensuring you obtain fair and complete compensation is fundamental. With this in mind, you likely wonder how you can know if you’re receiving proper compensation. There are a number of key factors to bear in mind when it comes to ascertaining whether compensation is fair […]

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Advocate or Ambulance Chaser — What Does Your Attorney Actually Do?

Once you’ve signed off on a retainer agreement, you’ve placed your personal injury claim or lawsuit into the hands of your attorney. Your mutual objective is to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. Since your attorney is paid with a percentage of the proceeds derived from a settlement or verdict in your case, his or […]

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When Should You Sue for a Slip-and-Fall Accident?

While a slip and fall injury is always unfortunate, it’s not necessarily a legal matter. Here are the circumstances in which lawyers typically recommend that you sue if you’ve been injured in a fall. Do I Have a Case? To recover monetary damages in a slip-and-fall accident, you have to prove that the fall was […]

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Learning from Lawbreakers: 5 Traits You Should Aspire to Have

We know we shouldn’t find crime fascinating, but we do. Face it: the most interesting character in Paradise Lost wasn’t God. Enough about superheroes; here are five lawbreakers you should aspire to be like. Diamonds Are a Guy’s Best Friend Genius is patience. Leonardo Notarbartolo, who stole over 100 million in diamonds from the Antwerp […]

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Featured Link —

This interesting site offers free online tests for driver permits and road sign tests, as well as listing all DMV offices throughout the country.

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How Each Side Can Win In These 3 Common Legal Situations

The U.S. judicial system is by its nature adversarial. This is a fact in cases involving issues like child custody, contract disputes, and criminal cases. With that recognized, there are some strategies that can be employed that permit the parties to these types of cases to both enjoy certain benefits through the settlement of a […]

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Legal Legwork: 4 Qualities To Look For In Your Next Lawyer

A lawyer is someone you should be able to trust. This is a person who will go to court to represent you no matter what the situation. It’s important to develop a relationship with your lawyer so that you can communicate about evidence and possible outcomes of going to court or settling outside of the […]

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Friday Fun

This young girl is a phenomenal singer, and the drummer is good also.

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Super Lawyers: How to Make Sure You Get a Good DUI Defense

To get the right defense, you need an experienced and trained attorney. Getting a reliable DUI lawyer to provide good defense is hard. If you are arrested for DUI, you need an experienced DUI attorney immediately. Many drivers found guilty of driving under the influence of substance or driving while intoxicated, face a difficult time […]

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