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Legal Legwork: 4 Qualities To Look For In Your Next Lawyer

A lawyer is someone you should be able to trust. This is a person who will go to court to represent you no matter what the situation. It’s important to develop a relationship with your lawyer so that you can communicate about evidence and possible outcomes of going to court or settling outside of the courtroom. There are a few qualities that you want to look for when searching for a lawyer so that you hire someone who is on your side.

Look For Comfort

One of the things you need to look for when hiring an attorney is how comfortable you feel in the office and around the staff and attorney. You need to feel like you can talk about anything because if you can’t, then it could impact your case as you might not want to reveal all of the information that is available. Before hiring an attorney, talk to a few to get an idea of their demeanor and how they might be able to assist you in court. Look at the track record that the attorney has in court with each type of case, such as a defense or a family matter, to get an idea of which cases are handled more than others.

What Are The Fees?

Don’t enter into any kind of agreement with the attorney until you understand the fee structure of the office. Some attorneys won’t charge any fees in a malpractice, social security or insurance claim until you win your case. On the other hand, there are attorneys who want to charge astronomical fees with no guarantees of any kind. Think about the type of case that you need an attorney for, looking at whether the case would warrant the fees that are charged. Find out if you can make payments or if everything needs to be paid at one time.


Look at the specialties that the attorney practices in, such as family law or criminal defense. Consider discussing any questions or concerns with a professional, like those at Radano & Lide. There are usually lists of attorneys at courthouses that you can look through that are sorted into specialties so that you find one who will represent you the best.

Office Availability

Make sure you’re able to meet with your attorney during the day. If you aren’t able to go to the office, then at least be sure that you can call the attorney with questions and concerns about your case. You need to find an attorney who has at least two different ways to stay in touch with you and who will communicate with you instead of pushing you off to a member of the office staff.

Your attorney is someone who could hold your freedom in his hands. When searching for an attorney, look for someone who has a good record in the courtroom. You also want to be able to trust your attorney so that you can work together.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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