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Contracting Disaster? 3 Home Construction Legalities To Know

For many people, the American dream still involves building and living in a brand new home that is customized just for them. More people are realizing this dream as the housing market rebounds from the recent economic downturn. As exciting as this goal is, it still requires that you put your research in before launching the home building project. Part of your research should center on discovering the three most common home construction legalities that you likely will confront as your new home is being built for you.

Contractor Reputation and Location

The home building market is flooded with hundreds of contractors who profess to be professional and fully accredited home construction experts. Some of these contractors, however, are less than scrupulous and employ tactics to skirt the law.

When you want to hire a reputable contractor to build your home, you should consider those who have actual physical addresses for their companies. Physical addresses imply that the companies are licensed and regulated by the state and that the businesses enjoy more stability than builders who work out of their trucks and lack a physical location for their companies.


You also want to find contractors and companies that offer warranties for their work. Reputable companies should readily offer extensive if not lifetime coverage for materials like vinyl siding that you select for the project.

The warranty should also extend to any work that needs to be done to replace or repair the siding or other fixtures on your house. This protection paired with technology like thermal imagery and weatherization may help you get the full return for your money that you have invested with the contractor and the materials with which you choose to build your brand new home.

Dates and Descriptions

Many states require home builders to provide written details of the dates and descriptions of the work that they will perform for clients. You should get written notice of when the work is expected to be done and what it will look or function like once it is completed.

These written details can be important if you have taken out a construction loan to pay for the home building. You do not want to pay on a loan that is paying for substandard or delayed work. Your lender likewise may require this written proof before approving you for financing.

Building a new home comes with legal issues about which you should be aware. Do your research and find professionals, like those at Lifetime Exteriors, You can protect yourself financially and legally by knowing what legalities you might encounter during the project.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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