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How To Simply Work With, Not Against, Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Being involved with a personal injury case is always a challenge, especially if you are the person who was hurt. Whether the injury took place because of a car accident, or due to a defective product, you will be suffering mentally and physically. And you will be doing so in the knowledge that you are losing money by not being able to work.

The good news is that a personal injury attorney can help tremendously with such cases. But you can only take advantage of a personal injury attorney’s expertise if you follow the three rules below:

Remain Honest

Far too many clients think it is acceptable to lie to their attorney. If you are thinking about exaggerating your case or leaving out a detail about your past, do not even think about lying to your attorney.

Chances are, your lawyer has a ton more experience with these cases than you. They will know how much of an impact a lie can have in a personal injury case. If you speak with an attorney like those at Band Gates & Dramis attorneys, they will tell you how lying can almost instantly ruin any chance of getting a favorable settlement. Always put your best foot forward in these cases, and never lie or withhold information from your attorney. They are on YOUR side.

Maintain Your Health

Do not try and act like a hero following your personal injury. If your doctor tells you to rest for a week, do it. If you are told to take certain medication, make sure you are following your doctor’s instructions. But you must also ensure you are not overdoing it on any pain medication or other pills that could prove addictive over time.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to “tough it out” following an injury by going to work. We can understand the mindset as you do not want to lose out on those wages. But when you push yourself to work despite the injury, you are showing the other side that you may not be as sick or hurt as you claim. You are only going to receive a good settlement if you can prove you are hurt, and the other party is the reason why. Following the doctor’s orders is a key part of this process.

Always Ask Questions

If there is any moment where you feel confused about what your attorney is saying, or you are unsure about how something could impact the case, ask questions. Your attorney is there to help you – and they will be happy to illuminate you about any aspect of the case. Never think that your question is stupid. Your lawyer knows that you are not a legal expert. That is their job.

So long as you follow your lawyer’s advice, tell them the truth, and stick to your rehabilitation plan, there is no reason why you cannot come out of this personal injury situation with a clean bill of health and a good settlement!

Author Bio: Jerry Wells holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science, and blogs about politics, environment, law and business management during his free time.

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