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Featured Link — Bike Woke

Cyclist Nako Nakatsuka has put together a website with incredible resources for cyclists. The dual purpose is helping people prevent collisions and educating them on what to do after a collision. Check out Here are the introductory paragraphs:

The goal of this website is to have resources for all cyclists – whether commuters, competitors, or casual riders – available in one place. From my own experience with a crash, and hearing from many others in the cycling community who have reached out for advice in similar situations, I envisioned a website that would help to answer questions about bike safety, provide resources to those who have been in traffic collisions, and increase awareness.

I was on the UCLA Triathlon Team for four years. However, I was not hit when I was training and hustling up the Pacific Coast Highway with my teammates. I was hit when commuting home from work on a Sunday afternoon in broad daylight. While stopped at an intersection, I was hit from behind by a negligent driver. An ambulance and four police cars arrived at the scene yet no police report (while promised) was written. The driver refused to acknowledge that they had hit me and their insurance company sued me for car damage claiming I backed into the car.

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