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Rear-Ended? Signs You Deserve Legal Compensation

Depending on where you live in the United States, car accidents get referred to in a variety of different ways ranging from car accidents, to crashes, to wrecks. However, one constant is that the property damage and personal injuries that stem from an auto accident should not typically occur.

When an automobile crash occurs, it’s because one driver breached their duty of care to the other driver.

Negligence and Your Injury

A driver must use reasonable care when operating a vehicle. When personal injury attorneys from Speers, Reuland, and Cibulskis P.C. and similar firms analyze an auto accident to determine whether a victim of a car crash is entitled to recovery, they usually look for evidence that the other driver breached that duty of care.

The driver responsible for the auto accident operated his or her vehicle in a way that caused an injury to you. When this occurs, you might have a claim for negligence against that driver and his or her auto insurance company.

Rear-End Auto Accident and Proof of Negligence

A rear-end car crash is often powerful evidence that the driver of the car that rear-ended you operated their vehicle negligently. The reason is that rear-end auto accidents do not usually occur except when a driver fails to maintain reasonable control of their vehicle at all times during operation.

For example, many times a rear-end car accident occurs because the rear driver followed you too closely for traffic conditions.

Types of Compensation

When you get injured in an automobile accident, and another driver caused those injuries because he or she negligently operated their vehicle, you are entitled to monetary compensation from the driver and usually their auto insurance carrier.

An injured person is entitled to compensation for out-of-pocket expenses like medical bills and wage loss. An injured person is also entitled to compensation for pain, suffering, and other damages.

For instance, depending on your injuries, a spouse might have a claim due to your injuries as well. When a spouse makes an auxiliary claim, this is call loss of consortium, and it means that for the duration of your injury, you were unable to enjoy the life that you and your spouse enjoyed before the car accident injuries that you suffered.

Why Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accident attorneys have experience making claims against insurance companies on behalf of their injured clients. A personal injury attorney has the knowledge to preserve evidence, engage in litigation discovery and knows how to work with medical providers to enhance the likelihood of success for your auto accident claim.

When a driver causes an automobile accident, and that driver has auto insurance, the auto insurance carrier will advocate for their insured. You should also consider representation, and a car crash attorney can help protect your interests against a carrier who tries to close your claim for less than you deserve.

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