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4 Signs You Should Hire an Attorney After a Major Auto Accident

Anyone who’s been in a minor fender bender knows how frustrating car accidents can be. Fortunately, most minor accidents are easily resolved. Those involving serious injuries or fatalities are more complicated and may require the services of an experienced attorney. Here are four signs you should hire an attorney after a major accident.

The Other Party Denies Fault

In many accident cases, the party at fault will simply concede. This happens when the weight of the evidence against them is such that contesting the other party’s claim isn’t worth the time or effort.

Unfortunately, there are also cases in which liability is not as clear. The party seeking compensation is then expected prove the other party was at fault. Speeding, following too closely, aggressive driving, and failure to obey traffic signals are examples of conduct that would constitute negligence. An attorney knows how to investigate these matters and gather the evidence needed.

You Were at Fault

If the accident was your fault, it would be wise to hire an attorney right away. This is especially true if someone died in the accident. You’ll be faced with major legal challenges and you’ll need professional guidance to help you understand what’s going on.

An experienced car accident attorney exists to support your best interests and will strive to obtain the best possible results for you and your family.

Compensation Disputes Arise

If you’re not a lawyer, it can be difficult to determine the actual value of an accident claim. Damage to property and property loss will factor heavily into the amount of compensation rewarded, as well as injuries received. This is especially true with regard to permanent disabilities.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), amputations, and spinal cord injuries will have a life-changing impact on the victim’s life. The effects from these types of injuries can continue for decades. Compensation will have to reflect lost income, years’ worth of medical care, in-home care, and emotional pain.

Multiple Parties Were Involved

When multiple parties are involved, the case can only get more complicated. This is equally true if some of them are pedestrians. Having an attorney ensures that someone is working to limit your share of liability for damages that may have been incurred by the other parties.

It’s also safe to say that with several parties involved, at least one of them will hire an attorney right away. The rest will soon follow and you don’t want to be the only party without representation.

Remember, it’s never too early to consult with an attorney after a major accident. It can be harder than you might think to prove someone else was at fault and this is best left to a professional. An experienced car accident attorney can help make sense of the situation and ensure you receive everything to which you might be entitled.

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