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Considering Driving for Uber or Lyft? What About Your Auto Insurance?

Every time I take a ride with Uber or Lyft I think about what it would be like to drive for one of those companies. It must be interesting meeting new people all day and cruising around town. But one thing I haven’t thought much about is the type of auto insurance these drivers must carry. If you’ve ever considered a job as a ride-share driver, take a look at the extensive auto insurance information from the commercial site Here are the opening paragraphs:

We can all agree that working as a rideshare driver is a pretty sweet profession.

The freedom of this type of work combined with a hefty salary can be irresistible, at first glance. However, the financial aspects of this work can make driving for rideshare companies slightly less promising.

When drivers transform a vehicle into a business operation the automobile is no longer considered to be for personal use only. Instead, insurance companies typically classify the automobile as a commercial vehicle, due to the additional assets a driver is transporting.

Drivers are required to upgrade their insurance coverage accordingly. Choosing to ignore this fact can be financially catastrophic.

If you are in an accident while on the job and do not have proper coverage, your insurance company can legally refuse to file your claim. Being in this type of situation can leave drivers paying for everyone’s medical and vehicle expenses completely out of pocket. Due to such a looming threat, drivers must find insurance that is specifically designed to cover rideshare services.

Fortunately, our team has spoken to dozens of experts and conducted countless hours of research into learning about rideshare insurance. We’ve shared our findings below:

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