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3 Fire Safety Tips For Happy Holidays

These safety tips are courtesy of ADT.

‘Tis the season for lots of home cooking. Add house guests and holiday excitement to the mix and things can go from controlled to chaotic pretty quickly. Since most home fires start in the kitchen, here are our top tips for keeping your holiday gatherings safe and sound:

1. Detect and help protect: Check all smoke alarms to make sure they’re fully functional. Ensure your fire extinguishers are within reach and in working order—and if you don’t have one, now’s the time to get one!

2. De-clutter your workspace: A tidy kitchen is a safe kitchen. Clear away loose cloths, paper towels, and anything you’re not actively using. Be sure to fasten loose sleeves, apron strings or long hair, as well.

3. Keep an eye on the matter: Any cook knows that a few seconds can mean the difference between toasted and torched. Recruit help in the kitchen, even if it’s just to keep an eye on things while you take a break.

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