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What Would I Need a Real Estate Lawyer For?

If you are buying a home, you should seek the services of a real estate lawyer. He can offer services beyond knowing how much land you own. He can save you time and money. Legal assistance can help you gain long-term advantages.

Real estate agents and brokers conduct most property buying and selling. However, an agent does not have a license to practice law. She does not have the training to review complex documents or interpret geological surveys.

Relevant Skills to Help Home Buyer

Real estate lawyers have a variety of roles that they fill for their clients. Here is a brief overview of some of their common roles:

  • Manages the transfer of titles: A deed transfers ownership. But the simple process can become complicated. Two purchasers may disagree about who was given ownership first. A deed could have been improperly recorded. Research of these problems can settle the issue.
  • Mediates transactions: A standard form does not address specific legal concerns. Ambiguous terminology and omissions can wreak havoc. A lawyer can explain multiple listings, tax consequences, and purchase agreements.
  • Handles land use, subdivision and zoning law and property development: Land use is usually restricted. The dimension of lots within a neighborhood is regulated by community planning committees and governmental agencies. A real estate lawyer can advise you about building permits and ordinances that could impact your new home.
  • Demonstrates understanding of business law: Commercial law dictates business transactions. It pertains to private and public law that could determine the price of your home and other pivotal factors.
  • Validates Contracts: A real estate lawyer ensures a legal and binding contract. A contract should address the condition of the property. Repairs, the location of landlines and draining capacity should be included.

Resolution of Legal Issues

A real estate lawyer has excellent oral and written communication skills so he can negotiate conditions and terms. His network of influencers can connect you with people who can provide exceptional service and attention to detail.

He has experience with liens and easements. He defends the rights of property owners. He litigates breach of contract disputes, mortgage fraud, and foreclosures.

Ethical Procedures

The American College of Real Estate Lawyers ensures members have “outstanding legal abilities…ethical conduct in the practice of real estate law.” In some states, a real estate lawyer must be present at closing. Availability by telephone is considered unethical.

Home buying can be stressful. A real estate lawyer can protect you from financial losses and facilitate a positive home-buying experience.


What do Real Estate Attorneys Do?

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