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Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court

We get a lot of questions about cases in Small Claims Court or Justice of the Peace Court. Sometimes we can represent clients in these situations, but many times we have to tell them they can represent themselves without a lawyer. The Dallas County court system has a good page with links to various resources […]

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Do You Really Know How to Adjust Your Side Mirrors?

As a car wreck lawyer, I learned decades ago the proper method of adjusting a vehicle’s side mirrors. But this is the first video I’ve seen that demonstrates this technique. Please take a few minutes to watch. It may save you from a serious collision someday.  

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Hurt on the Job? 4 Steps to Filing a Successful Personal Injury Claim

When you’re at work, you need to be mindful of your personal safety. There are all kinds of hazards awaiting you, from negligent coworkers to dangerous materials. Should you be injured, you need to make sure you know what to do. You need to know to how to get the compensation you deserve. Here are […]

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NHTSA Proposes Electronic Recall Notices to Boost Repair Rates

Automotive News reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a rule change that would require automakers to issue recall notices electronically to car owners. NHTSA explained that electronic notifications include emails, text messages, “targeted social media campaigns, phone calls, over-the-air alerts sent to vehicles, and radio and TV messages.” The proposal is part of […]

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Friday Fun

Some of these sign fails are pretty funny.

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Contract Dispute: How to Successfully Win Your Business Lawsuit

There is no question that we are living in litigious times; statistics compiled in 2016 indicate that civil lawsuits are processed at a total cost of $239 billion on an annual basis, which is equivalent to each working adult in the United States contributing $812 each year to cover legal costs and monetary awards. Seek […]

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Florida Woman Dies Due to Takata Airbag Rupture

The AP reports that, according to a Florida Highway Patrol report, a Florida woman has died due to a faulty Takata air bag that ruptured. Nichol Barker was hit in the head by metal pieces, which left a gaping wound and broke her skull. According to lead investigator Sgt Chester Everett’s report, Baker should have survived […]

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Parental Rights: How to Make Sure You Get a Fair Custody Agreement

Divorce is never easy, and when kids are involved, it’s even more complicated. Parents want to remain involved in their kids’ lives, but when they’re not living with their child every day, it feels like they’re being left out. Asking for, or demanding, more custody may not be the answer, however. How do you make […]

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NTSB Finds Texas Balloon Operator in Fatal Crash Was Impaired

The AP reports that at a federal hearing on a 2016 hot air balloon crash that killed 16 people in Texas, NTSB investigators said balloon operator Alfred “Skip” Nichols took sedatives and opioids that affected his abilities during the flight. The AP adds that Nichols had “at least four convictions for drunken driving and twice spent […]

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Victim of a Cyber Crime? 4 Steps to Take Immediately

We spend so much time online, it’s easy to forget how vulnerable we are. While many crimes are associated with being out and about, such as muggings, many crimes can occur via computer. Cybercrimes are a real problem that can strike anyone. Should it happen to you, you need to know what to do. Here […]

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