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Injured on the Job? How to Deal with a Self-Insured Employer

No one actually sets out to be injured on the job. It is a great deal of hassle for both employer and employee, and it is just not a desirable situation. However, it does happen sometimes; when it does, as an employee, it is good to be informed on the proper procedures in which you will be involved.

Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Plans

If your employer is self-insured in terms of workers’ compensation, the employer is assuming any relevant financial risk if employees end up being injured on the job. They are obligated in this situation to provide workers’ compensation benefits to the injured employees. Essentially, they will have to pay the cost of each of these claims out-of-pocket, rather than paying fixed premiums to insurance carriers.

Currently, over 6,000 corporations in the United States, along with their subsidiaries, have self-insured workers’ compensation programs. There are many more who participate in group arrangements, where they will join together with other organizations to provide funds for workers’ compensation.

What You Should Know

It is important to note that not any company can be self-insured when it comes to workers’ compensation. There are a few states that do not allow this at all, and even the states that do allow it will only allow it if the company that is requesting it has sufficient cash flow. Because an employee being injured on the job is impossible to predict, any company that is self-insured will have to be prepared for this happening at all times. As such, companies with limited cash flow will not be allowed to do this.

For this reason, you should be aware that a self-insured employer will likely have enough cash flow to be able to pay for any relevant and reasonable medical claims that you may have after your work injury. If they claim that they do not, it will definitely be worth looking into.

Typically, employers will choose to be self-insured with workers’ compensation because they will have more of a chance to control any relevant costs this way, as well as make sure that the care that is being delivered to the injured workers is sufficient and timely.

If you have recently been injured on the job, it would definitely be advisable to contact an attorney, such as a member of Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S. Working with the right attorney can ensure you that you are getting all of the benefits to which you are entitled, and that your employer is doing everything in his or her power to ensure that you regain your health and return to work in a timely fashion.

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