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Concern Over School Bus Side Impacts Triggers Discussion on Seat Belts, Improved Safety

ABC News broadcasts on the dangers of a side impact to school buses. The first public school bus impact demonstration was covered in the broadcast to show the risks associated with a side impact. Fatal incidents in recent years have started a call for required seat belts on school buses. Currently, there is no federal law requiring seat belts. ABC News states that “NHTSA, the transportation agency which sets regulations declined an interview and says while not requiring belts, it is working with local jurisdictions to advise on seat belt costs and on ways to ensure that after they’re installed, they’re used properly.” ABC News also states that “The last head of NHTSA broke with tradition and said seat belts should be in all new school buses. He told me that two years ago. There is not a NHTSA administrator right now.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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