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Hurt on the Job? 3 Ways to Return in Better Health than When You Left

Workplace injuries are most common in high-risk work environments, but even those who work in a retail or office environment can get injured. These injuries may include falling, electrocution, overuse and more. Regardless of the type of injury that you have sustained, you may be focused on healing so that you can get back to work.

Some people think that a hiatus related to a workplace injury can set you back and could potentially have long-term consequences on your health. While this could be the case, you could take matters into your own hands. By following a few helpful tips, you can potentially return to work in even better health than when you left.

Follow All Medical Advice

If your goal is to improve your health, you must follow all medical advice to recover from your injury fully. This may include getting ample rest, scheduling a needed surgery, getting physical therapy or following other instructions. The healing process may be lengthy, and you may have medical bills that could stress you out. If you have been injured at work, explore the possibility of getting workers compensation benefits through someone like Oxner + Permar, PLLC. You can also consult with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you can seek damages through a lawsuit.

Focus on Nutrition

If your goal is to return to work in even better health than when you left, you can use this time to improve your nutrition. Nutrition can affect your quality of sleep, your energy level, your mood, your weight and even pre-existing medical conditions. Rather than follow a stringent diet that limits your intake of specific foods, spend time educating yourself about healthy eating habits. By making healthy changes that you can adopt in your lifestyle, you may be able to enjoy long-lasting and beneficial results.

Get Adequate Exercise

Getting exercise when you are injured may sound impossible. However, unless your doctor has specifically limited you to bed rest, you may be able to do a wide range of exercises. Talk to your doctor about the options available. This may include lifting arm weights if your legs have been injured, or it may include walking around the block if your arms have been injured. You may also have physical therapy exercises prescribed, and this could help you to improve strength and flexibility in different ways.

A workplace injury can be a serious setback in some cases. However, it does not have to be. By following these tips and making healthy adjustments within reason based on your abilities, you can potentially get back to work feeling better than you have felt in years.

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