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4 Necessities When Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

You could face legal, personal and professional consequences if convicted of a criminal charge. Therefore, it is important that you do whatever it takes to preserve your rights. Hiring an attorney may be an effective way of helping yourself obtain a favorable outcome in a case. What should you look for when making a hiring decision?

Does This Person Understand Your Needs?

A good attorney cares about the impact a criminal charge can have on your life. He or she should take steps to obtain an outcome that may minimize the chances that you lose parental rights or future job opportunities. In some cases, this may be possible by pleading guilty to reduced charges or having the most serious charges thrown out.

Look for an Attorney with a Quality Support Staff

The reason why a firm such as Russo Lawyers in Australia are effective in helping clients is because they have a quality support staff. Ideally, your attorney will have individuals who can conduct research or take care of other tasks outside of court that are vital to your case. Attorneys who have access to such individuals may be able to create better arguments in court or spend more time crafting a favorable plea agreement.

Find an Attorney with a Track Record

There is little use hiring an attorney who can’t deliver in the courtroom or has poor negotiating skills. Therefore, during the consultation process, be sure to ask how many big cases a prospective attorney has won and when the last victory was. It is also a good idea to ask about how he or she decides whether settling a case or pursuing a trial is the best decision in a given matter.

Get Good Value for Your Money

Even if you have to pay thousands for a quality lawyer, you want to know that you’re giving yourself the best chance at a favorable outcome. In addition to finding out how much an attorney charges, ask about how payments are structured. In some cases, legal counsel may allow you to make installment payments or make payments with a credit card if necessary.

Having quality legal counsel may be the difference between winning and losing a case. Therefore, it is important that you have a competent professional who is willing to act as your advocate throughout the legal process. Finding one may help to keep you out of jail or otherwise living with a criminal record.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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