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Goodyear Hid Evidence of Tire Defect Linked to at Least Nine Deaths

Jalopnik reports on the Goodyear G159 tire, which “was designed for lower-speed delivery vehicles and, according to the suits, shouldn’t have been equipped on RVs at all; a tire that lawyers and victims say is responsible for scores of crashes over the past two decades.” Attorneys and victims said “it should have been recalled or fixed,” but “it never was thanks to an exhaustive legal campaign by Goodyear that kept plaintiffs from knowing the details of just how bad the G159 really was.” Jalopnik adds, “in a lawsuit filed later against Goodyear, the Woods family accused the company of selling a defective tire that had been marketed to recreational motorhome makers, even though it knew the G159 couldn’t handle highway speeds when equipped on an RV.” The lawsuits, “nearly all of which were eventually settled,” “accuse the company of selling a tire to RV manufacturers that, based on Goodyear’s own internal data and experts, wasn’t suitable for motorhomes.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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