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How Does One Go about Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury claim may become necessary if you are hurt due to someone’s malice, in other words, someone tried to harm you by assaulting you or causing other types of bodily harm. Personal injury may also be caused unintentionally if someone’s dog breaks through a weakened fence slat in their yard that should have been repaired and bites you. If you are hurt through another person’s intent or negligence, you should consider discussing the issue with a personal injury lawyer. You can probably find one using the following means.

Contact the Local Bar Association

Get in touch with your city, county, or state bar association and ask for a personal injury lawyer referral. Some bar associations or legal offices offer a free consultation to discuss the injuries sustained and determine if a claim can be filed. You can also get information about the statute of limitations, evidence needed, and other related details that will help to guide the process of filing a claim.

Do an Online Search

Use a search term like “personal injury lawyer” and your area to get a list of lawyers who market their services in that particular area of law. This will help you to find the type of lawyer who is best qualified to explain your legal options and represent you if a claim is filed. Visit websites of attorneys who are listed with this designation to see how long they have been in practice and whether information is provided about the type of personal injury cases they handle.

Ask People You Know for Recommendations

You can also discreetly ask friends, neighbors, relatives, and perhaps coworkers for suggestions of personal injury attorneys to contact. They may have heard of someone who is good in this area of law, and some might have previously filed a claim, or know someone who did, to provide more detailed information in your search.

Network through Social Media

Linked in is a professional business-type website where you can focus your search for personal injury attorneys. You might also try looking on Instagram and Facebook, along with similar social media sites to learn more about lawyers who practice in this area of law.

As communication options expand, information has become more readily accessible. Make casual inquiries among your acquaintances and reach out via the Web to find legal experts who can advise you about your personal injury claim. Look for lawyers with education and experience in personal injury law.

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