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How to Create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids

We occasionally see children’s autism in our Social Security disability cases. The website Redfin has excellent information about “child-proofing” your home if you have an autistic child. Here is a little information from the site:

The Bedroom

The most logical place to start is the room where your child spends the most time: his or her bedroom. First, consider the décor of the room. Sensory overload is a trademark symptom of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which can make it difficult for your child to focus, relax, or even perform basic functions. The physical surroundings of his or her bedroom should be calm and soothing — the simpler, the better.

Start by selecting the right color scheme: peaceful shades of green, blue and purple are ideal. Neutral tones like brown and black are also calming. If your child seems oversensitive to color in general, a tan or beige might be the best option. Always avoid colors like red, yellow, orange and white, as these can be over-stimulating. Patterns are another no-no: even basic border designs can be too much for a child on the autism spectrum, so stick with solid colors throughout the room.

Additional decorative items in your child’s room should be limited, but they don’t have to be sacrificed completely. The less perceived clutter in the room, the better, so keep it simple: at most, one decorative item per wall. It should be placed securely and out of reach. Opt for flat frames versus shadow boxes that will protrude and could pose a hazard as the child grows. Choose an item that relates to the theme of the room — a painting of the beach on a blue wall, for instance. Natural landscapes and abstract art with soft curves and spirals tend to be the most soothing choices. If you’re buying new artwork, try to let your child be a part of the selection process; he or she will likely have an immediate reaction, positive or negative, and ultimately be the best judge of whether an item will create a soothing environment.

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