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Medical Mayhem: Top Tips for Healthcare Providers Handling Legal Disputes

Medical malpractice and medical errors occur all too frequently. This can mean that you have to be well-versed in how to handle these legal disputes. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Respond Quickly

Don’t delay when responding to a legal issue. This can lead to larger problems. The patient and their lawyer may accuse you of stalling. You don’t want to have to go to court when it could have been resolved equitably. It can take months for malpractice cases to be settled. Don’t increase the delay any more than is humanly possible. This being said, formulate a well thought out response. Giving an answer just for the sake of an answer can lead to more problems.

Understand the Law

The Sunshine Act Data Dispute program works to provide transparency in the medical field. This allows a healthcare provider such as yourself to dispute any irregularities that may exist. Using a medical tracking software program may also benefit you. Porzio AggregateSpendID® and other companies like them collect all of your data in a usable format. This allows you resolve any disputes quickly before they can become a larger problem for the hospital.

Identify All Issues

To really be able to resolve a dispute, you need to understand all of the issues surrounding it. Look for the root cause of the problem. It may be a simple human error or there could be an issue with the equipment. Your investigation may hold the key to preventing future issues from occurring with another patient. It may be in your best interests to share the results of your investigation during the course of the legal dispute.

Develop a Resolution Solution

Build in a way that you can resolve issues in a civil manner. This may mean that you employ an arbitrator to help with any legal disputes as they arise. Talking about the issue may actually help it to resolve faster. Consider having patients sign a contract stating that they will enter mediation before going to court. You may be able to resolve these issues to their satisfaction before a prolonged legal battle. Look into using software packages that will track and trend these issues. This can help you to identify a potential problem before it occurs.

Nobody likes having to deal with conflict. It’s stressful for all of the parties that are involved. Use your tools so that you can control the amount of legal risk that you experience in a hospital setting.


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