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What to Do When Your Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied

Finding out that your workers’ compensation claim was denied can be a big headache. Many factors can lead to denials of these claims, too. These factors include everything from injury locations to the absence of prompt medical care. If you’re dealing with a workers’ comp claim denial, you need to maintain focus. You need to take smart action immediately as well.

Find out the Cause of the Denial

Meticulously read the letter you received that goes into detail regarding your claim denial. It’s critical to understand the denial cause. Some people get denials due to injuries that just didn’t occur in the workplace. Other possible denial causes are inadequate medical treatment, delayed injury notification, delayed claim filing and even inadequate amounts of evidence. If your place of work states that your injury occurred when you weren’t on the premises, that may be enough to lead to your frustrating denial.

Appeal the Denial Choice

Read the denial notification thoroughly. You may see a date that tells you how long you have to complete your appeal filing. State law is responsible for these deadlines. It’s critical to understand how much time you have to work with prior to doing anything. You should think about speaking with your place of employment to get more information in advance. You can speak with your place of employment’s insurance provider, too. Doing so can help you figure out whether or not the situation has a basic fix. Clerical mistakes are always a possibility.

Find a Seasoned Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Dependable and strong legal counsel can be a major help to people who are dealing with the shock of workers’ comp claim denials. If you want to respond to the denial in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, you can’t surpass the guidance of a seasoned lawyer who has expertise in workers’ compensation matters of all kinds.

Request a Claim Assessment

If you want to get a glimpse at what to anticipate from your case, request an exhaustive claim assessment from any workers’ compensation attorney you meet. There are many reputable workers’ compensation lawyers who offer claim assessments without charging a cent. These assessments can help you prepare well for managing your upcoming claim.

Don’t assume that a denied workers’ compensation claim is the end of the road. It frequently isn’t. Claims appeals can often turn things around dramatically. The assistance of great workers’ compensation lawyers can lead to amazing outcomes as well. Perseverance is essential.

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