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5 Most Bizarre Court Cases in US History

Litigation often takes unpredictable turns, as is the case in these lawsuits. Some of these plaintiffs have a legitimate complaint; others just want to use the court system to make a point. Whatever their motivations, it is doubtful they expected to go down in the annals of court history as bizarre.

Trina Thompson v Monroe College

In 2009 Trina Thompson sued Monroe College for $72,000 because she couldn’t find a job after graduating. She sought $70,000 to reimburse her for the full cost of her tuition plus $2,000 for the stress she endured during her three-month job search. She alleged Monroe College’s Office of Career Advancement did not try hard enough to help her find full-time employment after she completed her studies. Thompson lost her case.

Chambers V. God Lawsuit

Nebraska Senator and activist Ernie Chambers made headline news when he filed a lawsuit against God for “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants.” Chambers filed the suit to show the importance of citizens being able to bring any complaint before a court of law. The case was dismissed because God did not have an address and could not be served with legal notice of the trial.

Coffee Company On Ice

Alexander Forouzesh filed a lawsuit against a Seattle based coffee company for putting too much ice in their iced coffees. He alleged that the company was cheating its customers out of the coffee they paid for by overfilling the cups with ice. The suit was dismissed by the judge who said even children understand the displacement of liquid in an ice-filled cup.

Cosmetic Company Twisted Up Over Lip Balm

A class action suit against a cosmetic company alleged it is impossible to use the last bit of lip balm in a tube because the twist up mechanism doesn’t twist up far enough. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the complaint because the product label accurately stated how much usable lip balm was in the tube.

Woman Sues Government Over Nacho Cheese

In November 2017, a Wichita Falls, Texas woman sued the federal government for $95,000. In 2015, an Air Force Base employee allegedly spilled hot nacho cheese on her finger, causing permanent injuries to her finger that affected her ability to work. She did eventually lose her employment. The suit is ongoing.

This list provides some insight into the variety of suits that come in and out of America’s court system. No complaint is too small or too bizarre for a plaintiff to bring to court. If you have a complaint, got to a lawyer and ask for a consultation.

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