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How to Properly Fight Your Moving Violation in Court

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket because of an alleged moving violation, you might be worried about how your citation will affect your driving record. You may be able to fight your ticket in traffic court and have the infraction reduced or dismissed entirely. If you choose to contest your moving violation, here are some of the best strategies that you can use in court.

Challenge the Officer’s Assessment

The officer’s account of the events that led to your supposed moving violation may be erroneous. To challenge the officer’s assessment of your situation in court, it’s important to have sufficient evidence. suggests providing evidence such as witness statements and photographs of the area where you were stopped. You can also try creating a diagram that shows where the officer’s vehicle was in relation to where your vehicle was located to try to prove that the officer didn’t have a clear enough view to see the alleged infraction properly.

Hire a Traffic Lawyer

A traffic lawyer can help you get your evidence and any other information that pertains to your case in better order so that a solid defense can be prepared for court. Hiring a lawyer may be especially advantageous if having the traffic violation on your driving record will result in higher insurance premiums or losing your license. If your alleged offense is considered a criminal matter, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney to discuss your legal options.

Discuss Why the Infraction Occurred

You may have had legal justification for committing the traffic offense. For instance, you may have swerved into another lane suddenly to avoid hitting another vehicle, person, animal, or object on the road. Perhaps you were speeding because of a medical emergency and the need to get to a hospital. Whichever defense was the case, it’s important to be very detailed in your explanation to the judge and provide any evidence that you can gather to support your claim.

Raise Doubt about the Technology Used

Certain pieces of technology are often used nowadays to issue citations to drivers. This equipment is unreliable in some cases, and you might be able to get out of a traffic ticket if you can prove that the technology used to catch your alleged infraction was flawed. If your moving violation involves exceeding the speed limit, you can ask that the officer’s radar gun be tested to determine if it’s clocking the right speeds. Red light cameras are also sometimes unreliable and can be challenged in court.

Any of these strategies can help you get a moving violation off your record. By carefully assessing your situation and getting all the important details organized, you may be able to beat your traffic ticket in court.

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