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Traffic School: How to Reduce Points on Your License

You might think of the points on your driving record the same way you think of a tattoo that didn’t turn out quite the way you were hoping. The points you acquired are something you’ll probably beat yourself up over while doing whatever you can to remove them. Here are some of the steps you might be able to use to remove negative points from your license quickly.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

This can be a slow process, but it is one of the two main ways your state may take negative points off your license. Each state has its own laws with regard to points, but many of them offer to remove some points if you maintain a good driving record. The length of time you need to keep this record spotless can vary from state to state. If you have multiple surcharges or points attached to your license, a state may remove one of those points for every few years that you manage to avoid any violations.

Take a State-Approved Course

Most states allow you to shave some points from your record by taking a traffic safety course. Some states offer it without any strings attached, but other states will want you to get court approval for the course first. In some cases, you may be able to use an online traffic safety course to show that you are responsible and deserve a reduction in points.

Know the Rules

Understanding how the traffic violation system works and how it applies demerits are big steps toward reducing the points on your license. If you know the rules of the road, you may be able to appeal your traffic violation and win. Winning your case may require a specific set of circumstances, but it will definitely depend on your knowledge of procedures. If you think you’re the victim of an unfair judgment, you can report or appeal it.

Use Prayer for Judgment Continued

As a last resort, depending on your state’s laws, you might be able to use a Prayer for Judgment Continued to avoid points on your license altogether. However, you would first have to plead guilty to the charges against you, and the act would waive the typical penalties of that charge. Its success depends largely on the ruling of the judge. This action essentially withholds the judgment that would have been made against you after you admitted to a traffic violation.

Points on your driving license can lead to restricted privileges or higher insurance rates. You may be able to use some of these tips to get rid of driving demerits quickly.

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