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What You Need to Know Before Fighting With an Insurance Company Over a Claim

The need to file a claim against an insurance company may occur after a medical emergency, car accident or other incident. In some cases, filing a claim against an insurance company will signal the beginning of a long fight. It does not matter whether the claim is against a company offering home, auto or personal injury insurance, there are things it helps to know before engaging in this fight.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

It is important to remember that insurance companies look after their own self-interests first and foremost. Most consumers do not understand this concept. Instead, they believe mistakenly that the insurance company exists for the purpose of providing them with help in their time of need.

Insurance companies are trying to achieve the highest profit possible, which is not achievable if they pay a fair amount of money to everyone that files a claim. Insurance companies will always attempt to lowball individuals who are seeking payment for a claim. You should never accept their first offer.

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Document Everything

All physical and property damage incurred due to an accident should be documented with the proper authorities. All claims involving damaged or stolen property should be backed up with police reports. Injuries should be documented by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Make sure to keep all receipts for expenses paid out of pocket for lost or damaged property. Any treatment or rehabilitation for injuries should also be carefully documented. You will need to provide receipts in order to receive the highest possible payout.

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Be Prepared to Persist

Insurance companies routinely deny claims that are filed against them. One reason for this practice is the knowledge that many claimants will accept denial without further action. In fact, many consumers are not aware that they can appeal claim denials. It may be necessary to endure multiple appeals before reaching your desired results. Persistence is key to the process.

Learn the Proper Terminology

Insurance companies will often search for any reason to deny a claim. One way they accomplish this goal is to locate errant language in paperwork. You should be sure to familiarize yourself with standard insurance-industry terminology so as not to have your claim or appeal disregarded based on word-usage technicalities.

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Consumers who find it necessary to file a claim against an insurance company should be prepared for a fight. Remember that these companies are in business to make a profit and not to aid the consumer in their time of need. The four tips above will provide you with the foundation necessary to prepare for battle.

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