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Arizona Residents Are Attacking Waymo’s Autonomous Test Vehicles

Newsweek reports with continuing coverage of the public backlash against Waymo’s autonomous vehicle tests in Chandler, Arizona, where local residents “are lashing out against self-driving cars,” having “slashed tires and even pointed guns at Waymo vehicles being tested in the city.” The police have received 21 reports about area residents harassing or interfering with the autonomous vehicles. In one instance, for example, “one ‘heavily intoxicated’ man…stopped a Waymo car from moving forward by standing in front of it,” claiming he “was ‘sick and tired of the Waymo vehicles driving in his neighborhood,’ a police report stated.” In another instance, a 69-year-old man pointed his gun at a passing Waymo test vehicle “in an attempt to scare the [safety] driver,” saying afterward that he loathes autonomous vehicles, especially after one of Uber’s autonomous test vehicles hit and killed a pedestrian in the Phoenix area earlier this year.

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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