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Keyless Entry, Ignition Systems More Popular Than Ever Despite Proven Security Flaws

Vox  reports that “keyless ignitions are now standard in more than half of the 17 million cars sold annually” in the US, “but a new report by Which?  found that keyless cars are alarmingly easy to break into,” with 230 of the 237 vehicles tested able to “be opened using ‘relay technology’” on a relatively unsophisticated wireless device. Vox says the “car models that aren’t susceptible to relay technology break-ins, according to the report, are all Jaguar Land Rovers,” and BMW and Mercedes-Benz have “both added motion sensors so the car cannot be unlocked if the key fob is motionless.” Otherwise, “it seems that car manufacturers will not discontinue” keyless entry and ignition features, “as long as the sleeker push-to-start option is available and popular…no matter how vulnerable the cars may be.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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