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Injured on the Job? 4 Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney

According to the United States Department of Labor, approximately six million American workers are injured on the job each year. Another 6,000 suffer fatal injuries at work, and roughly 50,000 more are exposed to potentially deadly illnesses. With so many incidents happening, it’s a good possibility that you, too, could be hurt on the job. If that happens, there are several reasons why it is vital that you seek legal representation right away.

Assistance with Filing

While the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim may sound straightforward, there is considerable work involved in it. Forms must be properly completed with the correct supporting documents. Any deficiencies will jeopardize the claim, or at least slow the process. An attorney’s assistance will provide for these issues.

Claim Evaluation

Workers’ compensation cases follow a complex legal path. If any part of the case is weak, it can fall apart. Injured workers who attempt to handle their own claims may fail to identify and address these weaknesses, leaving them at risk of being denied the benefits they deserve. An experienced attorney will make sure that your case is properly presented with the best chance for success.

Revisiting Denied Claims

Many workers’ compensation claims are denied. The process of appealing them is difficult, often more difficult than the initial claim. Yet the worker may have suffered additional complications or seen other evidence come to light that improves his or her case, or provides justification for additional benefits. An attorney will effectively navigate this process to make sure the appropriate steps are followed.

Identifying Additional Liable Parties

Many workplace injuries are not just the result of mistakes or oversights by the employer. There may also be contractors, suppliers, or other outside entities that played a part in a workplace accident. With a qualified workers’ compensation attorney from Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S., you can be assured that anyone who contributed to the conditions that caused the accident will be identified and held responsible for their actions.

Nobody likes to think that they will get hurt at work, but it happens millions of times each year. Getting benefits for those injured workers is not something that just anyone can do. It’s not even something that just any attorney can do. With a capable workers’ compensation attorney, injured workers have the best possible chance of receiving their benefits. Keep that in mind if the unthinkable happens to you.

About the Author: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her husky Snowball. You can find her on Twitter at @LizzieWeakley and on Facebook at

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