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4 Tips to Make Sure Your Teen is Safe on the Road

Your teenage daughter or son just received their driving license, and nothing is stopping them from spending time on the road. As a parent, you can’t stop getting worried about their safety — especially because you know they are new drivers. So how do you keep them safe on the road?

Ensure Your Vehicle Is Properly Maintained

Keeping your car in safe conditions ensures that your teen is safe on the road with no expected malfunctions. Check to see if their tires have enough treads and pressure, enough windshield wiper fluid, flexible brake pads, and all other sensitive parts are properly functioning. Talk to an auto accident attorney to help you ensure that all the steps you are taking with your new driver are on the right track in case of an accident.

Remind Them Constantly about the Dangers of Distractions When Driving

Teach your teen to concentrate on the road especially because they are new drivers. There should be no fidgeting with the phone, talking on the phone, adjusting music, touching other things in the car, or any other distractions that may cause accidents. Insist on road discipline to help them keep safe while driving.

Zero Tolerance to Drunk Driving

Teenagers are still too young to handle even the slightest amount of alcohol and still drive. With alcohol comes impaired judgment that is an excellent recipe for a disaster when one is behind the wheel. It is also against the law — especially if the teen is still considered “underage.” Parents are good examples. Ensure that you don’t drink and drive since they follow your footsteps.

Install a GPS Tracking Unit in Your Car

Now that you have established rules about the timing and routes, it’s prudent to monitor if they are following your rules. We all know teenagers and their curiosity, which pushes them to break the rules. You have also cautioned about the speed limits, and since you aren’t always by their side, you might want to install a GPS tracking unit. The device should help you know if your teen is speeding, their routes, and also the time they are on the road. If you can’t find them on the phone, locate their friends, or want to know exactly where they are, the GPS tracking unit should do the job.

You don’t expect the whole transition to be smooth, but with these tips, you will prevent multiple chances of your teenager causing a crash. Everyone was once a newbie in driving, and your teenager will learn with proper planning, encouragement, and consistency.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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