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Can ADHD Really Keep You From a Job?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that many children and adults suffer from and can often cause problems with maintaining mental focus. If you’re an adult who’s been diagnosed with ADHD, you may be worried that the condition will stand in your way of finding suitable employment. Here are some of the obstacles that you might face with ADHD in regard to employment and possible solutions that will make finding a job easier.

Problems with Untreated ADHD

Leaving your condition untreated will put you at a disadvantage. Even if you believe that you can manage your ADHD without any type of additional help, you could be setting yourself up for failure when it comes to finding and maintaining a job. Employers who notice that you’re having difficulty following through on tasks or following simple directions will be more likely to give you negative job performance reviews, which could eventually lead to your termination from the position. Seeking counseling and taking any prescribed medications to control the symptoms of your condition better will increase your chances of success in your career prospects. Neuro-feedback therapy has also been known to show great results in helping adults and children who struggle with their ADHD.


Some employers may have a preconceived notion about people with ADHD and may be less inclined to hire them. You aren’t required to reveal that you have the condition to your employer unless it might interfere with performing certain job tasks. If you inform a prospective employer about your ADHD and fear that you might not get the job because of it, showing a skill-based resume will be a great way to counteract the stigma. You can also prove yourself on the job by volunteering to work longer hours and take on special projects.

Illegal Discrimination

Even though it’s illegal for someone to deny you of a job because of your ADHD, some employers may still try to find ways to avoid hiring you. If you believe that you’re being discriminated against, an attorney who provides disability discrimination law services can inform you of your legal options. Whether you wish to work out a settlement or pursue a lawsuit because of the employment discrimination that you faced, the attorney you hire can act as your legal representative.

Problems Finding a Compatible Job

Finding a job that you’re capable of working could prove to be more challenging if you have ADHD. Employment agencies and job placement specialists who are experienced in helping people with ADHD find suitable work can be valuable resources for you. Professionals who assist people like you with finding jobs will gauge your skill sets through tests and will try to place you with an employer who’s willing to provide additional accommodations to make performing your job easier.

ADHD shouldn’t stand in your way of finding a decent job. By utilizing the right resources and knowing your rights, you’ll be able to navigate through the challenges of securing employment with ADHD more effectively.

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