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Government Cancels Proposal for Inhibiting Inadvertent Acceleration

The AP reports the US government is rescinding a proposal mandating “all passenger vehicles to have safety systems to prevent unintended acceleration.” The government said the regulation isn’t necessary since “the auto industry has installed systems voluntarily,” per the AP. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed the rule in 2012 following “a series of unintended acceleration problems with Toyota vehicles.” NHTSA “says all 2018 passenger vehicles have systems that override the throttle if a driver presses the gas and brakes at the same time, and it doesn’t expect any automakers to remove the brake-throttle override system in the future.”

Reuters reports that “in dropping the proposed rule, NHTSA will not set braking distance requirements for the systems and other performance requirements.” Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Spokeswoman Gloria Bergquist, whose organization represents several automakers, “said the rule was no longer necessary.” She said, “When the technology is in widespread use now, there is no need to continue a rulemaking.” According to Reuters, NHTSA previously “proposed extending its rules to require vehicles to return to idle when a driver stops pressing on the accelerator pedal or in response to a ‘failsafe operation’ to include electronic throttle control systems.” The agency on Monday said a “broader understanding of safe design of vehicle electronic control systems is needed to make an informed decision on regulating return-to-idle.” Roadshow also reports.

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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