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Car Crash Aftermath: 4 Types of Injury Compensation You Can Claim

A car crash can be a minor incident or a devastating loss; still, you may be entitled to compensation based on the type of injury received and the severity of it. Legally speaking, injuries can be physical or emotional. The anguish and stress you may experience after an accident can also be used as grounds to file an insurance claim. Keep on reading and learn about the injury types often covered by companies after an accident.

Cost of Medical Treatments

The injuries received in a car accident may vary. Sometimes they can be minor whiplashes, but there are cases where the claimant becomes permanently disabled. The compensation obtained depends largely on the type of injury and on to what degree it affects a person’s life. The physician plays an essential role in determining how much it will cost for the claimant to recover. When people experience a car accident, they often need therapy and other specific treatments that allow them to recover, which can be costly. Moreover, they will probably need crutches and bandages to aid in their recovery. Both specialized treatment and equipment can be claimed as medical expenses.

Lost Wages

You can include lost wages in your claim if you are forced to take time off your work because of a car accident. This includes but is not limited to salary and bonuses that you lost. The amount received will depend on the type and severity of the injuries received. In some cases, you may be able to get compensation for loss of earning capacity if the injuries hinder your ability to work effectively in the future.

Pain and Suffering

If you experienced broken bones, organ damage, or even soft tissue damage in a car crash, you are eligible for a pain and suffering claim. The compensation will depend on the injury, the amount of pain, and the prognosis. Furthermore, emotional pain leading to feeling humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, and distress may also warrant coverage by the insurance company.

Property Loss

Besides the vehicle itself and rental expenses, you may claim to be compensated due to the loss of any belongings that were damaged during an accident. Clothing, jewelry, phones, and even shoes can be replaced or repaired as part of the compensation claim.

You don’t have to lose an arm to be eligible for insurance coverage. Even if your body only gets minor injuries, you may be covered if you experience frustration, depression, anxiety, or guilt because of an accident. Look for the best personal injury lawyer if you find yourself in a car crash. You might end up getting a higher compensation than you think.

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