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How to Avoid Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos was commonly used in older homes and some older products. It can be difficult to determine if your home contains asbestos without having it tested. Asbestos exposure carries with it a high risk of developing mesothelioma. Fortunately, if you have been exposed, you have legal options, but it is vitally important that you avoid developing this malignant cancer in the first place. Here are some basic safety practices that you should follow to avoid being exposed to asbestos in your own home.

Use Abatement Services
Lead and asbestos were commonly used in paint, tiles, and insulation among other things in older homes. Removing it without taking the proper precautions could cause injury to your lungs. Investing in abatement services is the right way to go if you want to remove asbestos from your home. Many people will just cover it up instead of paying for the removal process. Asbestos is only dangerous if you start to tear into it and release the fibers into the air.

Reduce Risk Factors
Many older appliances and heaters commonly used asbestos as a means of insulation. Replacing these older devices can provide you with some level of protection. There’s also been some concern over certain types of drywall imported from China that contain asbestos as a filler material. Do some research before you make a major purchase to see if the product that you want is on one of these lists of products containing asbestos. Baby powder and other household products may also contain this hazardous substance.

Replace Common Products
Your roof may not be the first place you think of when you consider all of the things that might contain asbestos. It was a common practice in older roofs that asbestos was added to the roofing material itself. There may even be asbestos in the shingles of your roof if it was constructed during a certain time period. Installing metal roofing will mitigate the level of risk when it comes to the items around or constructing your house that might have lingering traces of asbestos waiting to be released.

Garden Safely
Vermiculite is commonly found in potting soil and some fertilizer. While not all vermiculite has been found to contain asbestos, almost half of the products on the market that use this product contain traces of asbestos. If you’re unsure about whether the products that you’re using have asbestos, it’s best to keep it damp to reduce the amount of particles that you breathe in while you’re gardening. Purchase products that have alternatives to vermiculite to keep yourself safe.

Asbestos could be in your home and you may be unaware of it. Stay healthy and aware of the possible dangers to you and your family. Use these guidelines to help you avoid exposing yourself to potentially harmful sources of asbestos. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you have the option of filing a claim to assist with your medical expenses.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most of her time hiking, biking, and gardening. For more information, contact Brooke via Facebook at or Twitter @BrookeChaplan

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