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4 Benefits of Receiving a Bail Bond After an Arrest

If someone you know was recently arrested, jail can become their new home until their court appearance, which can be weeks or months away, or until bail is posted.

A bail bond is a court-ordered amount of money set for an individual’s release from custody until their court date. The amount is paid directly to the court or through a bail bondsman. Once the fee is paid, the individual is released from custody. The individual must return on their designated court date, where the judge and/or jury decides their fate.

Many people use bail bondsman service to get out of jail after their arrest. Bail bondsman bonds are preferred because they simply offer a myriad of benefits that a court-paid bond doesn’t offer. Here are four reasons a bail bondsman is the better choice for your bail bond after an arrest:

Less Expensive

Bail bondsmen charge 10% – 15% of the original bond amount, plus a small bondsman fee not to exceed $50. For example, a bondsman would charge $2,000, plus the bondsman fee, to bail out an individual with a $20,000 bond under a 10%-fee rule.


Sitting behind bars for even an hour is too long. Bail bondsmen understand the desire for freedom and help clients get out of jail quickly. Individuals who use bail bondsman services are released before court releases.

Property Bonds

Most people don’t budget for an arrest and bail bond. Coming up with the money to secure a bond is sometimes difficult for families already strapped for cash. Many bondsmen offer property bonds in such situations. Land, homes, gold, jewelry, and other items of value may be used to secure the bond in lieu of cash with many bondsmen services.

Peace of Mind

An arrest includes a plethora of consequences that affect not only the person who is arrested but their family, too. The person’s job and reputation are both on the line and if they’re the breadwinner of the family, even the kids suffer. Bail bonds ensure an arrest does not turn life upside down more than it already has.

Hopefully, a bail bondsman is a professional whose services you won’t ever need. But, in the event that you are arrested, it’s imperative that you understand why using their services is the best way to get back your freedom. Try this if you are arrested and you’ll understand why it’s the preferred bonding method for most people after an arrest.

Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and indoor rock climbing. Find her on Google +

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