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Know When You’re Due Compensation From Work Injuries

Sustaining an injury at work that then begins impacting your life is never a good situation to be in. Fortunately, you are due compensation for your injury in most cases under workers’ compensation laws. Here are some important questions to ask when determining if you are entitled to compensation.

Did the Injury Occur at Work?

The first question to answer when determining if you are due compensation is whether an injury occurred at work. Workers’ compensation claims and insurance only cover injuries sustained at work, not on your own personal time. You might still be able to file a claim if the incident occurred on a break but was the result of a shortcoming of your employer or workspace. Not only are you required to follow safety regulations, but your employer is as well. If they fail to meet these requirements, then you easily have a case in your favor.

Were Safety Regulations Followed?

Another important factor in whether you are due compensation for a workers’ comp injury is whether all safety regulations were followed. You may still be entitled to a claim if you were not following safety regulations, but your claim will be stronger if you were. Usually, however, fault is less important in determining the outcome of a workers’ compensation case than whether the injury occurred during the course of your regular work duties.

Do the Injuries Require Medical Care?

It will also be considered whether your injuries require medical care. This can be relevant even after the fact, such as if an injury sustained some time ago at work has led to more serious health problems down the road, though it depends on the laws in your state. Always seek medical care immediately after sustaining an injury and ensure the incident is reported to your supervisor as soon as possible.

Have You Suffered Negative Repercussions Due to the Injury?

You are more likely to be due workers’ compensation benefits if your injury or illness is affecting your ability to earn a livelihood. Remember that workers’ compensation laws are determined on the state level and so it is important to understand your specific rights under the rules and regulations in your state. It is always a good idea to consult qualified  workers’ compensation lawyers in your state to inform you of your rights and represent you in your claim.

Your employer likely has and is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, so never feel bad about making a claim. You are entitled to one and to look after your health. Be sure to follow the appropriate steps and meet the right deadlines to have the best chances of filing a successful claim.

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