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4 Can’t-Miss Steps in Proving Negligence

Getting injured due to someone else’s negligent actions is unfair. Fortunately, you can take legal action to recover some or all of the losses that occurred as a result of that negligence. Here are four important tips to keep in mind.


Keep track of records and documents that show how the problem developed and impacted you. This may include public records, such as a traffic accident report, medical records, and other documentations that show a cause-and-effect link between the negligent person’s actions and the results that you experienced. The records should be objective and up-to-date.

Legal Counsel

Consult a personal injury attorney to discuss the problems that you have experienced due to someone’s negligence. The attorney can explain the legal process for obtaining compensation for your losses as well as statutes of limitation and things you should and should not do as the case moves forward. An attorney who is experienced with personal injury cases can help you obtain the necessary documents and experts to support your claims resulting from another person’s actions.


If you know of witnesses to your situation, such as bystanders who viewed a car accident or neighbors who saw what happened when someone’s dog attacked you, inform the attorney, as they may be able to testify on your behalf in court. The attorney also might be able to recommend professional experts, such as medical witnesses or those who are familiar with vehicle operations and repair, for example. Experts can often make the difference between success and failure in a court case, so it is important to identify relevant witnesses who understand the situation as it impacted you. Witnesses sometimes testify in person at court, or they may provide video or audio recordings.


Any expenses you have paid or are obligated to pay will be the negligent person’s or entity’s responsibility if guilt can be proven. Keep copies of all bills related to medical care, job absenteeism, physical therapy, and financial losses of any kind that might be linked to the negligence. The attorney can advise you which financial losses you may be able to recover from the guilty party in addition to pain and suffering, if awarded by the court. Collect receipts, forms, and statements or invoices that your attorney can review for consideration.

Getting hurt because of someone else may lead to numerous problems. Inquire about legal relief to find out what you may request compensation for and how to prepare a legal claim.

Author information: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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