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4 Things You Should Discuss with Your Lawyer to Build the Best Defense

You might hope you will never need to retain a defense attorney, but it is best to be prepared for the possibility. Your attorney will be your guide and defender throughout this process, so it is important that you choose the right one. You want an attorney you can trust. Here are four topics you should discuss with them in order to build the best defense.

Key Details About the Case

The first thing your lawyer is going to need from you is any key details about the case. This can include information pertaining to your whereabouts, your account of what happened, what you did afterward and any other important details that help your attorney clearly understand the sequence of events. This information is a critical foundation from which your attorney will build your case.

Available or Potential Evidence

You should also discuss evidence with your attorney. In some cases, the prosecution may not have a lot of evidence of your guilt, or you might not have much evidence of your innocence. The available evidence will affect the formation and outcome of your case. Your attorney should also talk to you about potential evidence that has not been collected yet, such as important documents that could prove your case. For your best interests, you need to discuss evidence that both hurts and helps your case.


It is possible or likely you will not win your case; it is important for you to discuss your willingness to consider a deal with the prosecution. Your attorney should tell you if they think this is likely or if it is one of the outcomes they may be hoping to achieve. Your criminal defense attorney can also explain how deals work so you understand them.

Other Information That May Be Important to the Case

A final topic you should discuss is any other information about your life that might impact or be relevant to the current case. For example, telling your attorney about past legal trouble or relevant places you have gone recently may steer them to make different decisions. Even details that may not seem important to the case at hand could turn out to be, so it might be best to mention them.

Your lawyer is on your side for the duration of a criminal defense case. Being honest and thorough will equip them with the information they need to build the best case for you. Be sure to ask questions and cover all important topics.


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