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How to Navigate a Class Action Lawsuit

Being a litigant as part of a class action lawsuit is somewhat different from filing an individual lawsuit. The class action claim includes several individuals, from dozens to hundreds or thousands. You may not feel quite sure of all the details involved, but your part of the claim is just as important as everyone else’s. Here are a few tips to consider as your claim moves through the court system.

Provide Timely Information

You will be working with an attorney, such as William Gee, or a law firm that represents all the claimants in a class action suit. You might be contacted by several individuals from the law firm as they collect information, provide updates, and inform you of the status of the lawsuit. When asked to provide various records or other types of information, respond promptly and thoroughly. Incomplete information can slow the process and may jeopardize the case due to the statute of limitations and other issues.

Stay Current

Law firms in these cases generally provide announcements, proceedings, and other relevant information to claimants by U.S. postal service, email, or less frequently, phone calls. Keep alert for briefings and updates so you do not miss any important deadlines. Although the correspondence and copies of legal documents you receive may seem fairly bland, you should read everything carefully and respond accordingly. For example, if a response is required by a certain date, be sure to send it, or if more detailed information is requested, provide it. Don’t assume that the attorney has everything needed without your help.

Report New Findings

If your circumstances change as a result stemming from the class action suit, for example, if your health deteriorates due to the reason for the suit, let your attorneys know as soon as possible. They can help to decide if new medical tests, procedures, and treatments can still be included in the original class action suit. Even if the law firm has already contacted your doctor’s office for records, that doesn’t mean they are staying in touch regularly about your health.

Be Patient

Because a class action suit involves many people, such as claimants, their legal teams, the defendant and its legal representatives, the litigation may move slowly, and you might not hear anything for several months. Call the law firm with questions, but only as needed so they can focus on the work they are doing.

Class action lawsuits can be complex and take time. It is important to comply with requests for information and stay in sync with your legal team.

Author information: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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