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What are the Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

There is no question that the aftermath of an accident can be very distressing. An accident victim may be going to medical appointments, and therefore racking up medical bills, and also may be losing time from work. Additionally, the victim may be receiving paperwork as well as phone calls from insurance companies.

Naturally, confusion can come about very quickly when faced with such a unique situation. Many people during this process consider hiring a personal injury attorney. However, they are sometimes unaware of the benefits of hiring an attorney for an accident case. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your accident case.

The first advantage is the attorney can provide you with peace of mind. The stress of the accident, for some, can be quite overwhelming. It’s stressful not to know exactly what to do or how to do what you need to do following an accident. An attorney can provide you with needed peace of mind. It is invaluable to have an advocate dedicated to helping advance your case forward. The peace of mind legal counsel can bring to a victim of an accident can be quite considerable. By hiring an attorney, the victim doesn’t have to worry about becoming a victim again. He or she doesn’t need to worry about making any mistakes or stepping into any potholes, which can put him or her into an even worse predicament.

Secondly, an attorney can provide an accident victim with expertise as well as experience. An attorney can bring to bear years of experience and knowledge as to how these cases should be properly handled. The attorney will know how to communicate with the insurance company as well as know how to properly execute any and all insurance company paperwork. The attorney will know and have experience dealing with cases just like yours. He or she will know how to quickly obtain your medical records, as well as medical bills, and assemble a demand package to be presented to the insurance company. The attorney will know how to effectively negotiate your claim with the insurance company.

Another advantage for hiring an attorney for a personal injury case is the results that can be achieved. The insurance companies pay more out on claims in which there is legal counsel involved. The reason for that is because the insurance company knows that if an attorney is involved, a lawsuit may be filed, which can cost the insurance company a considerable amount of money in defending a claim. Studies have shown that even after the attorney takes his or her contingency fee out of the ultimate settlement, the claimant is left in the end with more money than he or she would have had had the case been handled without an attorney.

Additionally, since you only have one bite at the apple with these claims, you want to make sure that your rights are fully and properly protected, which is only accomplished through having qualified and competent legal representation on your side. There can only be one settlement for your claim, so you want to make sure that the ultimate settlement is full and fair for your case because once the case does settle, it can never be reopened in the future.

Author information: Christopher Earley is a personal injury lawyer in Boston who focuses his representation on the seriously injured and their families. His website is

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