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5 Safety Tips To Prevent Dog Bites

It’s not surprising that an estimated 4.5 million people fall victim to dog attacks each year in the U.S. alone, with the majority of these victims being children and seniors. And of those said victims, about 15 – 20 of them die from dog-bite-related injuries each year. Although the odds of dying from a dog attack are slim, it’s still very important for children and adults to learn how to stop a dog bite or attack from happening in the first place. In a similar way, dog owners need to be responsible for doing anything and everything that they can to train their dog to not bite people or other animals.

  1. “Bother Me Not!”

“No one likes to be bothered much, whether they’re eating, sleeping, or busy doing something – the same is true for dogs,” says Alexander Higgins, a health writer at Ukwritings and Best Australian writers. “You also don’t want to provoke them in any way or tease them. If you tease them, then they’ll react in a negative way.”

Also, make sure that your dog is healthy. Unhealthy dogs tend to be in a negative mood, which is similar to how people feel whenever they’re down or sick. If they’re in a negative mood, and you stir them the wrong way, then they’ll most likely fight back with biting.

  1. Be Careful Around Loose Dogs

Whenever you see a loose dog, don’t ever assume that the dog will be friendly. In fact, there might be something wrong with the dog that it wants you to leave them alone. Always practice caution around loose dogs, and don’t ever try to pet them.

However, if you feel that the dog wants to bite you, don’t trigger their predatory instincts by screaming, running, or even looking them in the eyes. Doing those things will make them see you as a threat. All you need to do in this situation is to stand still like a tree or back away slowly.

  1. Keep Your Dog Within Range

Just because you leave your dog outside for a while, doesn’t mean that they won’t try to attack people outside the yard. In that case, it’s best to have your dog leashed, so that they won’t make a break for it. Even in familiar locations, you still need to make sure that there’s no bad situation brewing with your dog.

Therefore, make sure that doors and gates are closed, and that your yard is locked up, so that your dog can’t escape. Also, keep them on a leash while they’re outside, so they can’t run away.

And by all means, be a loving and responsible owner to your dog. Neglected or abused dogs are more likely to attack someone, versus a dog that’s been loved and cared for by its owner. And, when you give them much-needed attention, they’ll learn to respect you.

  1. Learn Dog Behavior

It’s imperative to learn the warning signs of biting. Look at the body language, and see what a dog does when they feel tense, anxious, afraid, sad, or angry. Check for these signs of stress in your dog:

  • Stiff tail and body
  • Ears flattened back
  • Yawning
  • Lip-licking and tongue-flicking
  • Staring
  • Growling with teeth bared
  1. Love And Care For Your Dog

“Loving and caring for your dog is an excellent way to ensure that they’ll be on their best behavior,” says Phoebe Carr, a blogger at Bestbritishessays and Revieweal. “First, make sure to have your dog spayed and neutered, so that their hormones don’t cause them to behave erratically. Also, make sure to have your dog exercise on a regular basis – take them for walks, have play dates, and play fetch – so that they’re more aware of their surroundings, burn off enough energy, and have a clear mind.”

Remember: As you keep your dog healthy and active, be sure to teach them obedience. Basic commands like “Stay” and “Come” will suffice, but soon, you’ll need to teach them more commands, to ensure that they can handle stressful situations and listen to you.


Although there’s no guarantee that your dog will never bite, you can still prevent these incidents from happening to you or someone else. As you read through these tips, know that all dogs have feelings, and that their feelings should be taken into consideration, just as how people feel should be paid attention to.

Author information: Molly Crockett writes for Bigassignments and Oxessays. She also writes articles about marketing and job hunting at Eliteassignmenthelp. As a marketing writer, she shares her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience.

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