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How to Decide If You Need to File a Suit Against Your Insurance Company

Insurance seems like a necessary part of life. While we don’t use it all that often, it’s there for times when you need it most. Or, so you thought. If you’ve been denied coverage by your insurance company, here are some things that you want to consider.

Was The Reason For Denial Legitimate

Denial from your insurance company shouldn’t instantly be a reason to file a lawsuit against them. While you may want your insurance company to cover every problem that you have, that’s not the case. You signed a policy of agreement with the insurance company regarding what they cover and what is excluded from the policy. If your policy clearly excluded an incident that resulted in your desired claim, then the denial is justified. However, if the denial reason has no supporting evidence in regards to your policy, then consider filing a suit.

Enlist The Help Of A Lawyer

Taking on a suit against an insurance company isn’t something you should consider doing alone. Rather, you should talk with a personal injury attorney first to discuss the possibility of success with your case. Think of a lawyer as an impartial third-party who can determine whether or not you have a legitimate case to fight for.

Have Your Lawyer Talk With Your Insurance Company

Misunderstandings do happen in the insurance world. Inadequately filling out a form or a typo at the insurance office could lead to an unintentional denial. For this reason, it’s best to have your lawyer talk with your insurance company. Your lawyer will know how to locate evidence in your policy that backs up your claim. The denial may just be an error that needs to be remedied.

File Suit If The Insurance Company Is Still Denying The Claim

After you’ve had your lawyer speak to the insurance company and they’re still denying your claim, then it’s time to take up suit. Legal action should be reserved as your last effort of fighting your claim. It’s best to let your lawyer handle the entirety of the suit and it’s recommended that you don’t speak with your insurance company throughout the remainder of your claim. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to try and get you to admit fault or other statements that can be harmful to the success of your case.

The decision to take your insurance company to court should be a well-thought-out one. It’s best to take other approaches first to get your claim accepted and utilize legal proceedings only if you have to. And, remember that it’s always a good idea to have an experienced lawyer by your side.

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