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How to Recover Your Lost Wages After Recuperating From a Car Accident

Reclaiming your health after a car accident can take time, but your bills will continue to pile up. While you may be able to convince your creditors that a settlement is coming and they will be paid, you should start making preparations to recover your lost earnings so you can receive compensation as soon as possible.

Keep Clear Records

Maintain a file of all your expenses owed during the period of your recovery. Include paid receipts as well as unpaid bills along with upcoming expected accounts to be paid, such as utilities, car payments, mortgage payments, groceries, and other recurring or one-time costs. Your car accident settlement can only consider compensating you for expenses that are clearly documented and considered to be legitimate bills that you normally paid from your earnings before the accident.

Get an Employer Wage Statement

Ask your employer, often a supervisor or the HR department, for a letter or document indicating the amount of work you have missed since the accident. If it can be proven that the accident injuries kept you from working, your lost wages may be eligible for compensation when a settlement offer is made. Companies provide different kinds of lost wage statements, so find out what type of evidence is needed and let your employer know, along with the deadline for preparing it.

Provide a Monthly Budget

List all your regular income and expenses on a spreadsheet, and show which amounts of income you have lost as a result of accident injuries you sustained. Also include all the bills and expenses that you typically pay on a monthly basis or in any other payment pattern, such as annual property taxes. Add sufficient detail to explain the reason for each expense as to whether it is part of your household bills or discretionary spending.

Consult an Experienced Attorney

To ensure you get the best possible compensation reimbursement for lost wages in a settlement offer, contact an auto accident attorney for help in organizing your bills and a claim for lost income. Predicted future income, if it will change due to your accident injuries or prolonged recovery, should also be included in the employer’s documentation and forwarded to your attorney.

Losing work time due to a car accident can take a toll on your finances. When someone caused the accident due to negligence or malice, that person is responsible for compensating you for medical bills, lost wages, and household expenses while you are unable to work. Organize your paperwork and work with an accident attorney to get the best possible results.

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