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The Most Important Steps to do After a Car Accident

A car accident can cause such strong feelings of panic, stress, and anxiety that you may forget what you should do. However, given some time and the right knowledge, you will be able to move forward and take things step by step. Here are some guidelines you can take minutes and days after an auto accident.

At the scene of the accident

Staying safe

The first step is ensuring that everyone is safe. If someone is injured, immediately call 911 for an ambulance. If everyone around the scene is safe then your next step should be to make sure no one else around you will be injured due to the accident. You can move all the cars to the sides of the roads. Also, inform other road users of an accident by using indicators to flag them. It can help if you turn on hazard lights to ensure that other road users notice that something is happening. Your safety and that of other users is of the utmost importance. Therefore, you should ensure that you are able to call a towing company to tow the car from the scene.

Inform the police

Call 911 and request for police and emergency responders. A police report is crucial whether there are injuries or not. Police will depend on your reports to file their report. You should share your contacts and the evidence you collected immediately after the collision. Also, you should be ready to give police any details should they call you after you have left the scene.

Share contact information

You can exchange essential information with other drivers. You should take details such as names, license numbers, and license plates. It will help the police launch an investigation of the accident if they need to. Sharing contact information with other people at the scene will make it easy to put together evidence. Also, you can request the people to show up as witnesses should a lawsuit follow.

Collect evidence

You should then document all the happenings at the scene. You can take pictures of what the scene looks like and request eyewitnesses to share their contact information. Also, witnesses can share their accounts of what happened. Ensure you take clear pictures that can show the story of what happened. The police and judges will require photos to file a report and decide about your case.

Seek medical attention

Next, you should book a doctor’s appointment. Many people tend to ignore this step because they have minor injuries that only require first aid. However, you may be having underlying issues that need a medic to discover. In addition, you should request a copy of the doctor’s report on the injuries you have suffered. It should include the amount of money you will spend as you get to recovery.

In the Days After Your Car Wreck

After you take the steps mentioned above, you should look into researching and possibly contacting a personal injury attorney. An attorney can be very helpful because they can evaluate your case more in-depth. They will look at what your case entails and whether there is a possible lawsuit to file. You can research a car accident lawyer in Maryland or your particular locale to help with legal issues. They will analyze the evidence you have and report the accident to determine whether it is sufficient evidence. If it is possible to file a personal injury lawsuit, the attorney will help you go through with it. Also, they will advise you on alternative steps if it is impossible to file a lawsuit or help with insurance issues. That allows you to focus on mental and physical recovery. It is necessary to pay attention to your body and injuries. Keep track of the way you feel, what kind of symptoms you are experiencing, and be sure to tell your doctor.

Car accidents happen every day, but you don’t know when it will happen to you. Take the necessary steps after an accident in order to complete the process as smoothly as possible. Drive safe, practice defensive driving and be mindful of everyone else on the road.

Author information: Rayanne Morriss is currently working towards her BA from Oregon State University. She loves to read, travel, and paint. She enjoys finding new coffee shops with friends and expanding her cooking skills.

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