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4 Dental Care Injuries You Should Actually Be Suing For

Dentists are skilled at what they do. They have received at least four years of dental education and training. Even though dentists are highly-trained and skilled, they can still make mistakes. However, there are serious dental care injuries that you may want to consider suing for.


Tooth extractions are one of the most common dental procedures. Because they are a routine procedure, things rarely go wrong. However, if an extraction is not performed the correct way, then a patient can suffer a permanent injury. Nerve injuries are one of the most common injuries that patients suffer after an extraction. Some patients also suffer an infection, then are tricked into paying for the recovery of the infection despite having followed all of the surgeon’s orders in care. Any complications that arise from the initial extraction should be covered by the cost of the surgery and not require additional payments beyond the basic visit copays.

Endodontic Injuries

Endodontic procedures are performed on the dental pulp. A root canal is an example of an endodontic procedure. This procedure is performed in order to save a tooth that is severely damaged. Sinus and nerve perforations and air embolisms are some of the most common complications that people suffer after getting a root canal. There have also been cases where instruments were left in the canals.

Dental Implant Injuries

Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots. The dental implants have to be surgically placed. This is a safe procedure, and the vast majority of people do not suffer any complications from it. However, a small percentage of people develop infections after they get dental implants.

People who get dental implants may also suffer nerve damage and sinus problems. If you have had any problems with your dental implants and believe that it was caused by the negligence of a dentist, then you can contact a dental injury attorney.

Orthodontic Injuries

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Even though the vast majority of people notice that their smile improves after getting orthodontic treatment, there are some people who suffer complications. If orthodontic treatment is not performed the correct way, then it can cause serious damage to the teeth. A small percentage of people will need to get the damaged teeth pulled.

Dentists take special care in order to ensure that they give patients the best treatment possible. However, negligence can cause people to suffer a serious injury. Orthodontic injuries, dental implant injuries, extraction injuries, and endodontic injuries can result if the dentist is negligent. That is why you should call an attorney if you believe that negligence played a role in your injury.

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